This blog is a tribute and memorial to the life of my dear friend, O. Jerome (Jed) Brown. The writings posted here are the articles that he published in his newsletter, The Traditional Educator. His theme was the art of teaching versus psychological conditioning, the nobility of the former and the wanton destructiveness of the latter.

Jed campaigned for the office of the Superintendent for Public Instruction in the State of Washington in 1992 and 1996. His platform was to return public education back to the traditional knowledge-based disciplines of learning; to save our school system, teachers, children, families and scociety from the disaster of the "education reform" mandated by HB 1209, our state's version of outcome based education.

In 1993 Jed led a group of concerned parents and teachers in an effort to repeal HB 1209. Had Referendum 47 succeeded, the disastrous WASL test requirement would never have seen the light of day.

In 1995 Jed researched, wrote and co-produced a 4-part video series, "The People vs The Educational Confederacy: Educational Restructuring on Trial" with Katie Levans of Tacoma, WA. If you want to know who is responsible for "education reform," this 2-hour video production lays it all out.

On September 6, 2009 Jed Brown passed away.

Please join me in "Remembering Jed."

1994 Maltby Meeting

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Saturday, December 26, 2009


by O. Jerome (Jed) Brown

The New International Economic Order is a planned global economy that requires redistribution of production and consumption, such that each country of the world will have sound and sustainable economic growth. Ultimately, in order to effect such a redistribution, almost total control of the work force is necessary.
Thus, the use of the school program to train workers of the future has become a focus of national and international attention, placing a heavy burden on the educational systems of the world. It is only through the education system that this, or any, country can so manage the means and relations of production and consumption. Therefore, it may be said that the purpose of the restructured school program, as established for the New International Economic Order, is for the training of Human Resource Units for the Global Workforce of the future.

Vocational training has had a limited role in the school curriculum for many decades, dating back to manual arts and commercial programs that were a direct result of the Industrial Revolution. However, from a traditional perspective, the best vocational training is thought to be a solid general education the the academic disciplines. This general education view of vocational training is based on the Human Capital Theory of productivity. Simply put, the Human Capital Theory states that any increase in knowledge improves the individual's productivity. Thus, from a vocational standpoint, a formal general education has been viewed as the most important investment in human capital, one that would pay dividends to both employer and employee over time. A casual relationship may be seen in the figure below:

Education -- Attribute -- Productivity -- Wage

A contrasting theory of productivity was introduced in the late 1960s – the Filter Theory. According to the Filter Theory, formal education, ie general knowledge, contributes little, if anything, to a worker's productivity. Instead, productivity depends on the nature of the job itself. With the Filter Theory general knowledge is, therefore, less important than the practical skills that the worker acquires primarily in the course of his employment. Hence, according to the Filter Theory, the purpose of the school program is first and foremost to act as a screen to filter people into this jobs that fit with the needs of the global economy and away from those that do not. The sequence of the new system is as follows:

Education -- Occupation -- Productivity -- Wage


Whereas the traditional system is geared to personal initiative and preference, the new system is based upon the needs of business. The individual is lost in the shuffle.

Although the vocational program of the New International Economic Order draws predominately from the Filter Theory, the Human Capital Theory is not totally abandoned. It is simply adapted to fit the behavioral orientation of the new Life-long Education Paradigm. According to the UNESCO publication, Foundations of Lifelong Education, the traditional knowledge orientation notwithstanding, nothing in the Human Capital Theory ”... prevents those components of labour productivity that are imparted by schooling from being partly (or wholly) identical with the attitudes (as opposed to the aptitudes) demanded of the different categories of workers by the capitalist division of labour..."    
(page 305). In other words, the one thing that schools can be used for, in terms of vocational training, it to condition children to have the attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors desired by the employers of the new economic order.

By referring to the segment of the program model shown below, it is not only possible to analyze the vocational program of the restructured school, but also to show the program's relationship to the other two theories discussed previously.

As can be seen, the vocational aspects of the school program emanate from the New International Economic Order and are organized under the complex life role of Producer. The determinants of the program are Vocational Indoctrination, Vocational Limitation and Vocational Training.

Vocational Indoctrination is the only remnant of traditional Human Capital Theory left within the vocational program of the New International Economic Order. The frameworks for this determinant are found in the SCANS Reports of the United States Department of Labor. The frameworks are Resource Utilization, Interpersonal Skills, Information Utilization, Systems and Technology. These frameworks form the basis for the conditioning of the attitudinal and behavioral dimensions of the child's personality that are deemed crucial to the New International Economic Order.

Throughout the school experience, until the approximate age of 16, children are to be indoctrinated with the attitude that these SCANS Competencies, rather than a breadth and depth of knowledge as presented by a traditional school curriculum, are the basis for being a good employee. While these competencies may be the mark of a “good” employee, who shall define “good”? Lest anyone be deceived, “good” is defined by an international tribunal. These SCANS Competencies are the screens to filter out the undesirables. They are the frameworks for the behaviors on which your child will be stamped approved as a worker in the Global Economy under the dictates of the International ISO 9000 Series of Standardization. The mark that shall show that the child is ready to become a toady in the global economy shall be the INITIAL CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY. Then, and only then, will a person be allowed to join the controlled workforce of the New International Economic Order.

Vocational Limitation, the second determinant, is an example of the prime directive of the Filter Theory. The frameworks of this determinant are Vocational Pathways and Vocational Tracking. The traditional system using the Human Capital Theory concentrated on the acquisition of knowledge that would be useful in any occupational endeavor and expanded the child's potential, allowing the child to choose his own career path based upon his interests and abilities. By contrast, using the frameworks of Pathways and Tracking establishes the screens that will filter each child into a life's work and station consistent with the needs of the New International Economic Order with little regard for the child's desires. Proponents of this new system will say that the child still chooses for himself. Nevertheless, the “choice” is limited for the child through the conditioning process. The child ultimately chooses that which is predetermined.

The first limitation of the child's choice, Vocational Pathways, is implemented through two different avenues. The first restriction comes with the concept of Multiple Intelligences, a concept of rather dubious credibility being promoted by Howard Gardner. Gardner theorizes that there are several different types of intelligences and that each person has one particular intelligence that is dominant. The second avenue is the debatable concept of Learning Styles. Like Gardner's doubtful concept, the proponents of Learning Styles contend that each person has a predominant way in which he learns. The use of these two constructs imposes in the mind of every child a false limit to his abilities and career options. Based on these unsupported claims, children shall be conditioned to accept restricted career pathways that are suitable not to the child's true interests and abilities, but to the needs of the New International Economic Order.

Vocational Tracking, the second framework of the Limitation Determinant, further restricts the career prospects of children. Simultaneous to limiting the vocational pathways, children are also assigned to one of three tracks based upon the ease and degree to which they conform with the attitudes and behaviors required for the Initial Certificate of Mastery. A vocational track is distinguished from a pathway in that it artificially sets the level of status and involvement each child shall be able to attain within his pathway. There are three identifiable. The first, School-to-Work Transition, is for most children. They will be required to enter directly into the work force upon the completion of the school experience. The second track is generally signified by the name Tech Prep. This program is for those who will be assigned as technicians within each pathway. The highest track is for the chosen few who will be leaders of the New International Economic Order. These students will be placed on an academic track within their pathway.

After attaining the Initial Certificate of Mastery and having their career potential thus limited, children are subjected to the program of the third determinant of the New International Economic Order, Vocational Determination. This determinant has but one Framework, that of vocational training. At about age sixteen, each child will “choose” has life's work and the level of expertise he wishes to attain. Once the pathway and track are established, the child will spend the next two years splitting his time between on-the-job training and school classes related to his future career. Again, the effect of the Filter Theory of Production is readily sen. It is not the general knowledge of the academics that is important. The child must learn his station in the New International Economic Order on the job. It is the “sweat-shop” approach to learning. Once the child is permanently settled in his life-long career at about age 18, he is awarded an advanced Certificate of Mastery that will be renewable only with continued conditioning with the formal “educational” setting. Thus, the life-long conscription to the Global work force of the New International Economic Order begins.

All things of this world are indeed economic. It is therefore not surprising that the New International Economic Order is the centerpiece of the New World Order. Founded on the redistribution of production and consumption, the importance of the economic order is underscored by the global expansion of the market through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Although some influence is possible through the manipulation of the market, these agreements will not, cannot, work without effective cont4rol of the global work force. Given this necessity for control of the work force, it is further reasonable to expect the education systems of the world to play a pivotal role.

The school program of the New International Economic Order, consistent with the UNESCO Life-long Education Paradigm and William Spady's Transformational Outcome-based Education, is designed to create the control that must be exerted to establish and maintain the global economy. Based upon the Filter Theory of Production, the educational systems of the former Soviet Union and East German Republic have given the world the quintessential examples for the indoctrination, limitation and forced-work training of children. By restructuring education under the Filter Theory of Production, the global masters shall have a global work force filled with amounts to an endless supply of docile drones who know no other reality but to serve their controllers. Is it not reminiscent of another time in the history of the United States? Is it not reminiscent of that ignominious time during which an entire people was bought and sold like domesticated animals and forced into hard labor to the advantage of the few? Did this country not fight its most brutal war to end this inhumanity to man? Although the labor will be cleaner, is the concept of this “Brave New System” any different?

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  1. This must be an eyeopener for so called ppl who make this an issue if our ranking in world education al competency list is not among first 50. What the hell these policy makers are doing why cant we restructure our indegenous system which was admired by world for our kniwledge and wisdom.